Special Feeling Glycerine & Oil Activator Spray

Special Feeling Glycerine & Oil Activator Spray

Revlon Realistic Glycerine and Oil Activator Spray 250ml locks moisture into curly hair, leaving it lively, lustrous and full of movement.


Ideal for permed hair and S-curl styles.Use daily to keep hair soft and shiny with a healthy looking sheen.Enriched with protein and lanolin derivatives.Hair looks lively and lustrous.Eliminates frizz.SA Customer care number:086 000 2652.

– Eliminates Frizz and adds extra shine (S-Curl)
– It contains Lanolin and Protein Natural Hair
– It is better on wet hair but can be used on wet or dry hair Absorbs into hair wet or dry

On Wet Hair:
– More shine
– Better definition
– Hair feels more Moisture
– Softer Overall

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