Revlon Realistic Relaxer Course

Revlon Realistic Relaxer Course

Revlon Realistic Conditioning Creme Relaxer straightens and conditions hair for softer, smoother results. It will not dry your hair and it prevents breakage.

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– Do not use on hair that has been shampooed up to 3 days before
– Apply a barrier cream to hairline
– Wearing protective gloves, apply relaxer to the hair, starting at the crown (± 1cm away from scalp) and work towards the back
– Finish with the hairline
– Smooth in the same direction as applied
– Leave the creme relaxer on according to the recommended time
– Relaxing time is dependent on the type of hair: fine: 10-15 minutes, normal: 15-20 minutes and coarse: 20+ minutes
– Rinse thoroughly with warm water
– Then use Revlon Realistic Herbal Deep Clean Neutralising Shampoo until there are no traces of the relaxer crème on the hair
– Style as desired
– Do not leave relaxer on for longer than 30 minutes
– Check hair continuously during processing to avoid damage or breakage
– If signs of damage are present, wash out with Revlon Realistic Herbal Deep Clean Neutralising Shampoo and do not use product until hair has been reconditioned and re-tested
– Use Revlon Realistic Multi-Purpose Spray for styling

– Keep out of reach of children
– This product contains Sodium Hydroxide
– Like any other relaxer, however, it must be used carefully and in accordance with the directions to avoid skin and scalp burns, hair loss or eye injury
– Wear gloves during use
– If accidentally swallowed, consult a physician immediately
– Do not use if scalp is irritated or injured
– Do not use on bleached hair
– Do not use on permanently coloured hair which is breaking, splitting or otherwise damaged
– If you have previously relaxed your hair, relax only the new growth as described in the directions
– Smooth new growth only avoiding overlapping of previously relaxed hair
– Do not let creme relaxer touch scalp
– If the relaxer causes skin or scalp irritation, rinse out immediately and wash with Revlon Realistic Herbal Deep Clean Neutralising Shampoo
– If irritation persists or if hair loss occurs, consult a physician
– If relaxer gets into eyes, rinse immediately and consult a physician
– Do not use on permed hair until the perm grows out
– Contains Alkali
– Avoid getting the product in eyes as this can cause blindness
– For external use only


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