Relax while taking home hairstyles to the next level

If there is one thing that lockdown has taught many people around the world it’s how to style and love their natural hair! Suddenly, box colour, mom haircuts and new hairstyles started creeping onto social media (once the banana bread craze was over). Selfcare was the only option, and soon many realised that it wasn’t as difficult as they expected and that they are actually pretty good at it.

“Lockdown brought out everyone’s imagination in all different areas – exercise, baking, haircare and education.  It was during this time that many found their talents, and this most definitely happened with hair,” explains Revlon Realistic brand manager. “Before, people were too scared to mess around with their hair, but in the end the creativity and encouragement from friends and family was infectious.”

These newfound hair styling talents are still being explored after lockdown with amateur hairdressers trying out new styles, new colours and new products. While in lockdown hairstyles that took front row seats were lose cornrows and natural flat twist styles. Preparing your natural hair for new hairstyles does take preparation and getting it under control and more manageable makes the adventure of hair styling more enticing.

“Relaxed hair is less prone to knotting and tangling as the curl is less intense and also reduces the risk of single strand knots. When hair has been relaxed it takes less time to play around with hairstyles, and makes it an easier experience.”

Revlon Realistic Marketing Manager

When it comes to relaxing hair, there are dos and don’ts that every hairstyle adventurer should consider:


  • Work through your new growth with your fingers the night before relaxing, as this will give your scalp a chance to the rest.
  • Avoid over-processing your hair by sticking to the time guidelines. This will stop your hair from becoming damaged and brittle.
  • Apply a neutralising shampoo to finish off.
  • Coat your hair with oil before you relax it to protect your previously relaxed hair.
  • Only apply the relaxer to new hair, not all of your hair.
  • Use a quality relaxer such as Revlon Realistic’s range of Crème Relaxers.


  • Shampoo your hair for at least a week before relaxing.
  • Relax too frequently, as this will damage your hair. Wait eight weeks before relaxing again.
  • Apply relaxer to the nape and edges of your hair first, as this area is very delicate.
  • Mix different brands of relaxers during an application.
  • Be rough when detangling your hair. This will cause breakage.

Revlon Realistic Crème Relaxers promise strength in every strand for all hair types. Its new formulation includes Biomac Oil complex, leaving hair stronger after relaxing and assists in retaining moisture and gives you more flexible and easily manageable hair post-relaxed. 

Choosing and using a quality relaxer is the first step in the right direction to getting your natural hair ready for new hairstyling adventures. It is time to become the artist and your hair the blank canvas.