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Trying out new looks is the starting point of your journey to define who you want to be, Don’t be afraid of change and finding your true style, it will take you from ordinary, to extra-ordinary. Defining your hair to define yourself is totally up to how you want to look and Revlon Realistic’s range of products have been formulated to give your hair the best possible care while creating your defining look, no matter what your style is.

Who are we ?

I Define Myself is an entity owned by Amka (PTY) Ltd, a South African home grown company with over 60 years in the Health and Beauty Industry. Amka is among the top 5 in SA.

What we stand for ?

To enrich people’s lives by creating and sharing Abundance.

About our awesome products
About our awesome products

All Revlon Realistic products are specially formulated to help define your hair and bring out your best hair days by locking in moisture, enhancing shine, and ensuring your hair stays healthy and easy to manage.