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On those days when your hair is not following your instructions, remember that no matter who you are, embracing your hair is a journey worth taking… Take it with Revlon Realistic!

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The Revlon Realistic range of hair care products help keep your hair healthy and looking great no matter your styling preference. Our teams have developed quality relaxers that minimises damage to your hair, as well as nourishing products that moisturises and strengthen’s your hair making it shiny, manageable and giving your a good hair day, everyday!

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Revlon Realistic Crème Relaxers promise strength in every strand for all hair types. Its new formulation includes Boabab and Macadamia oil, leaving hair stronger after relaxing and assists in retaining moisture and gives you more flexible and easily manageable hair post-relaxed.

Choosing and using a quality relaxer is the first step in the right direction to getting your natural hair ready for new hairstyling adventures. It is time to become the artist and your hair the blank canvas.

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